Smart Drones

Leveraging AI and machine learning

NurjanaTech’s proprietary software provides state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities for drones. The system is trained, validated, and tested, creating ad-hoc, specific, high-quality datasets that result in successful algorithms.

NurjanaTech’s systems are trained in a simulated environment replicating real-world images and scenarios. Completely customizable, smart drone technology can be programmed for virtually any mission. Depending on mission specifics, this applies to both autonomous flight and automatic target tracking.

Smart Drones Solutions

Detection and Tracking

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning give a swarm of drones autonomous command and control for use in various critical industries, including search and rescue, border control and surveillance, infrastructure protection, and environmental control and monitoring. READ MORE

Electromagnetic Field Measurement

Autonomous drone technology provides real-time electromagnetic field detection and transmission in even the hardest to access environments and unsafe areas for humans. The system can also be manually operated, providing maximum flexibility. READ MORE

Stockpile Quantification

NurjanaTech's drone technology can be trained to quickly measure the stockpile volume or count the number of containers by hovering around the unloaded ship. AI algorithms and machine learning techniques can be easily adapted to diverse use cases.

Crops Monitoring

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, NurjanaTech drones offer a considerable benefit to the farming industry. Targeted training of the drones' AI algorithms allows for crop health monitoring and assessment. Dedicated training, including existing imagery of positive and negative crop states, allows a swarm of drones to quickly monitor and assess the current condition of large crops, informing farming decisions for maximum crop production.


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