Border Control

Detecting, identifying, and reacting to threats in real-time.

NurjanaTech’s border control solution is a holistic approach to detecting and reacting to threats on foot, hoof, vehicle, or vessel near a country’s land and sea borders. Our systems utilize a modular approach to ensure seamless integration between existing setups and newly introduced technologies. 

Applying years of experience fusing multi-sensor data, we designed our border control solution to integrate radars, electro-optical systems, and other sensor data to detect, identify, and track targets in real-time, incorporating AI to raise alarms that allow border protection personnel to respond immediately.

AI for Immediate Recognition

NurjanaTech’s defining feature in border control is the use of artificial intelligence to quickly recognize targets on land, sea, in the air, as well as body movement. Deep learning techniques are applied to video captured from our electro-optical systems or by autonomous swarms of drones empowered for target characterization and tracking.


Depending on client needs, additional sensors can be incorporated to build a comprehensive operational picture. Alarms are programmed based on threat scenarios and provide immediate guidance to border-control operators and support their decision process.

Features and Benefits

Area Security

Coupling new technology radar with legacy surveillance systems, edge AI drones, computer vision surveillance, and long-range electro-optical systems, our systems provide complete target detection, identification, and tracking for comprehensive protection