About NurjanaTech

An agile, flexible, and responsive team that supports emerging requirements and evolving client needs.

Nurjana Technologies provides creative, responsive, and innovative solutions to our clients operating in highly-technical and critical industries. Founded in 2012 as a niche organization predominantly serving the defense industry, NurjanaTech has since leveraged our core competencies, considerable know-how, and past experience to support the world’s most crucial infrastructures.

Based in Sardinia, NurjanaTech’s solutions are developed in-house. Our client-integrated approach allows us to consistently meet and exceed client expectations while building lasting business relationships. At the heart of NurjanaTech is our team – comprised of forward-thinking and creative professionals. Our dedication to integrity and innovation are the cornerstone elements responsible for how we operate and develop relationships, ensuring long-term project success and robust organizational progress.


We are deeply passionate and emotionally invested in our work, which drives ground-breaking innovations.


We believe in providing space to imagine new products and solutions - creative minds deserve a creative environment.


We are laser-focused on precise, accurate, and reliable solutions and aim to surpass expectations with every project.


We are adaptive, capable of moving quickly in new directions in response to changing technologies and project parameters.


We are a trusted partner, professionally collaborating with commercial, government, and military clients to ensure high-quality, accurate, reliable solutions.

Our Clients and Partners

Collaboration is crucial for NurjanaTech. It allows us to actively further our innovative potential among companies, regions, and industries. We operate informally and flexibly based on an organizational set of continuous working groups, temporary project consortia, and bi- or multi-lateral ad hoc partnerships.

Certifications and Accreditations

Nurjana Technologies is ISO9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and integrates a culture of quality within all aspects of our work. Additional accreditations include:

Careers at Nurjana Technologies

Interested in joining the NurjanaTech team? Contact us today to learn more about our career opportunities.