Critical Infrastructure Protection

Defending the world's infrastructure
against physical and cyber attacks

Every critical infrastructure has unique requirements and security risks. Nurjana Technologies’ tailor-made solutions are precisely designed to guarantee operational continuity and environmental safeguarding against any form of physical or cyber attack. 

We provide our clients with an industrial-grade platform and specific, customized services to address the unique needs of the world’s most complex and critical infrastructures. Typical application areas include ports, border control, environmental monitoring, refineries, and power plants.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

Area Security

We seamlessly integrate with legacy security systems by introducing artificial intelligence to video surveillance, new radar technology, smart drones, and long-range electro-optical systems. Our systems provide complete target detection, identification, and tracking for comprehensive protection. READ MORE

Border Control

Our border control solution is a holistic approach to detecting and reacting to threats on foot, hoof, vehicle, or vessel near a country's land and sea borders. Our systems integrate technologies to detect, identify, and track threats while AI identifies body posture and actions, immediately alerting to threatening behavior. READ MORE

Leverage Satellite Technologies

Our capabilities to manage multi-source, multi-format data and process it in real time offers our customers unprecedented access to satellite-enabled situational awareness. The analysis of radar images from Low Earth Orbit combined with radio frequency intelligence help our key customers understand specific situations and react to threats hidden from other means of detection. Contact NurjanaTech to learn how a detailed geospatial understanding of a specific coastline or plant can be enhanced through our solutions.

Wildfire Detection and Modeling

Our wildfire detection and modeling solution fuses specialized sensor data with satellite and ground technology to deliver critical information necessary to identify, track, and predict environmental events such as wildfires. READ MORE

Drone Detection

Our cyber counter-drone solution automatically detects the intrusion, identifies the drone and operator, takes control, and safely lands drones in a designated area. It also denies take-off within a designated protected area, helping secure your assets. READ MORE

Critical Infrastructure Challenges

Leverage the power of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images from Space. 

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Capella Space we are able to deliver the most accurate SAR images with unprecedented timeliness and refresh rates.