Electro-Optical Systems

Automatic target identification, tracking, and video recording.

NurjanaTech’s electro-optical system uses optical sensors to provide real-time long-range automated target identification, video tracking, and recording of terrestrial, airborne, and Earth-orbiting objects. Onboard software is programmed to client parameters, allowing the system to automatically detect, identify, track, and record. Multiple sensor systems precisely located around a range or perimeter provide greater accuracy and can replace radar.

The system is highly effective for terrestrial applications in delivering real-time data for infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, and range safety. In space, the system provides vital data on orbiting objects and space debris to protect orbiting objects from collisions.

Fully Integrated System Network

Our comprehensive and fully automated electro-optical system includes optical tracking devices with built-in control electronics and software, our multi-sensor central control system, and an integrated and modular command and control system based on our mission management platform software suite. As a result, the number of optical tracking devices is expandable while the software seamlessly integrates the devices according to client-defined scenarios.


Fully customizable, the rugged hardware can be configured with a variety of sensors. Sensors can be chosen based on the target size, the desired field of view, and visual or infrared spectrum sensing.


Features and Benefits

AI Video Tracking

NurjanaTech fuses artificial intelligence and machine learning into video tracking to boost the value and accuracy of video surveillance.