Security and Surveillance

Intelligent security solutions for maximum protection.

Nurjana Technologies’ security and surveillance solutions expand far beyond sensors and cameras. Through our revolutionary command and control architecture, software solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, our solutions fuse information from sensors and actively detect, identify, and track potential threats.

Our solutions also include:

  • Real-time behavior analysis and threatening behavior detection
  • The ability to take over and safely land drones
  • Onboard drone intelligence that provides complete three-dimensional mobile security
  • Complete compatibility and integration with existing security systems

Security and Surveillance Solutions

Optical Tracking Systems

Our advancements in precision long-range object identification, tracking, and video recording technology, paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning, predict and capture video of moving airborne and ground-based objects. READ MORE

Command and Control

Specialized software for test and evaluation allows for precise command and control in various scenarios utilizing a vast range of advanced sensor and trajectography equipment.


Critical Infrastructure Protection

An industrial-grade platform and specific, customized services to address the unique needs of protecting the world's most complex and critical infrastructures.


Smart Drones

Revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning allow our technology to autonomously command and control a swarm of drones in a wide range of applications.


Custom Solutions

Contact us to discuss a custom solution for your unique security and surveillance challenges.