AI Video Tracking

Artificial intelligence and machine learning boost video tracking accuracy.

Nurjana Technologies is advancing video surveillance with artificial intelligence. Our solutions can recognize human forms, faces, and behaviors from live video images. They can distinguish between harmless and potentially harmful behaviors by identifying actions such as climbing a fence or walking into an off-limits area and objects such as weapons. NurjanaTech’s computer vision algorithms ensure operators have reliable early warning and comprehensive situational awareness.

NurjanaTech’s AI video tracking works with stationary video sensors and mobile video from vehicles such as drones. It can be applied to existing surveillance systems or incorporated within new sensor systems.

Leveraging the Power of AI

Nurjana Technologies’ AI video tracking solutions fuse artificial intelligence and machine learning with real-world data. The system is programmed to recognize faces, postures, actions, suspicious behaviors, and objects of potential threat, such as weapons. It can also be programmed to recognize ground vehicles and drones and learn where in the perimeter people and vehicles are prohibited.


Computer vision algorithms can be trained to distinguish authorized from non-authorized vehicles and routes, sending automatic warnings based on pre-defined rules. In addition, the adoption of multi-lateral systems allows for pinpoint precision detection of any vehicle whenever GPS data is not sufficient.


While the system is compatible with stationary video sensors, the system’s capabilities can be expanded with video sensor-equipped drones, increasing the sophistication of target detection and tracking.


Features and Benefits:

Electro-Optical Systems

NurjanaTech’s automatic object detection, identification, tracking, and video recording increases safety and boost protection of critical assets.