Helping the world's most crucial organizations tackle tomorrow's technical challenges.

Specialized Competence
Nurjana Technologies specializes in systems engineering, development, and integration solutions that help clients tackle tracking and situational awareness challenges. As a trusted partner, we dedicate our specialized competence to pioneering precise, reliable designs and solutions to give our customers a distinct advantage in system integration, sensor data fusion, and tracking for mission success.

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
Our ground-breaking proven target identification, recognition, tracking, and command and control solutions provide the foundation for multiple worldwide projects, including sensor and data fusion for automatic ballistic tracking, test range command and control, space domain awareness, artificial intelligence, and wildfire monitoring and prediction.


NurjanaTech's pedigree of real-time tracking and data fusion is leveraged to provide an innovative suite of space domain awareness services designed to serve the new space economy.



NurjanaTech specializes in passive defense solutions that identify, recognize, track, and command and control airborne objects in challenging scenarios.


Security and Surveillance

NurjanaTech's electro-optical system, image processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities provide an extremely effective blend of space and ground sensing data that guides the decision process in protecting critical environments. READ MORE

Featured Capabilities

Command and Control

Providing complete command and control expertise to support a variety of testing and real-world scenarios.


Critical Infrastructure Protection

Industrial-grade platforms and specific, customized services to address the unique needs of protecting the world’s most complex and critical infrastructures.