Revolutionary defense solutions
for a rapidly changing world


As technological advances increase potential threats to facilities, borders, and infrastructure, the world’s defense organizations demand advanced, protective tools. Nurjana Technologies’ revolutionary solutions include advanced architecture and intelligent software that autonomously recognizes, learns, and alerts to threats.

NurjanaTech solutions provide the backbone for intelligent automatic ballistic tracking and complete test range command and control that incorporates both tracking and predicting paths. We work with our defense clients to develop custom solutions for testing, evaluation, simulation, and real-time command and control on the range.


Defense Solutions

Optical Tracking Systems

Our advancements in precision long-range object identification, tracking, and video recording technology, paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning, predict and capture video of moving airborne and ground-based objects for search and rescue missions. READ MORE

Command and Control

We partner with our clients to customize decision support systems for a variety of scenarios utilizing a vast range of advanced sensor and trajectography equipment. READ MORE

Smart Drones​

Revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning allow our technology to autonomously command and control a swarm of drones in a wide range of applications. READ MORE

Border Control

NurjanaTech's border control solution is a holistic approach to detecting and reacting to threats on foot, hoof, vehicle, or vessel near a country's land and sea borders. READ MORE

Custom Solutions for Your Challenges

Contact us to discuss a custom solution for your defense testing, evaluation, simulation, and real-time command and control requirements.