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Decades of experience with test ranges across the globe led Nurjana Technologies to develop a nimble, adaptive, and fully-integrated command and control system that produces real-time situational awareness for decision support. The system is comprised of two critical components – our Mission Management Platform (MMP) dedicated to real-time data fusion, and our Multi-Sensor Central Control System (MSCCS) designed to seamlessly interface with legacy systems and sensors. Our MMP is designed to work directly with MSCCS. 

Together, these solutions provide complete, real-time command and control, trajectography, and scenario generation, providing operators with clear, visual data interpretations that allow informed mission decisions.

Test Range Multi-Sensor,
Real-Time Data Fusion

Mission Management Platform

The Mission Management Platform (MMP) provides a complete suite of applications for a wide range of test range evaluation activities by delivering real-time command and control for radar, telemetry, and optical trajectory sensors. The system can be configured in fixed or mobile formats with different modular hardware components to ensure easy integration with existing platforms and sensors. 

NurjanaTech’s expertise is leveraged to introduce non-invasive solutions that add value while enriching legacy systems with highly innovative and reliable capabilities.

Multi-Sensor Central Control System

Based on the Nurjana Mission Management Platform (MMP) software suite, the Multi-Sensor Central Control System (MSCCS) is a modular system architecture designed to deliver a complete identification, tracking, and command and control solution for a wide array of testing, evaluation, and real-world activities.

MSCCS works as a range command and control system, capable of managing and fusing data from various sensor types. It is currently active on several test ranges around the world, working in functions that include an automatic mission abort system (AMAS), automatic ballistic tracking system (ABTS), and automatic scoring and evaluation system (ASES).

The software’s complete capabilities are split into two major categories of software modules, each of which can be built from Nurjana Technologies standard components:

Mission Setup and Analysis Applications

Mission Control Applications

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