Detection and Tracking

AI target recognition and tracking

The Nurjana Electro Optical Tracking System (NEOS) is a complete modular solution for drone tracking. The main function of NEOS is the automatic video target tracking. Detection and tracking range are assured at more than 10km for DJI small drones as Phantom and Mavic. 

The  system provides night target tracking up to 2km through an 850nm illuminator, invisible to the human eye. The camera system has a great sensitivity to the near infrared spectrum. Infrared capability can be provided as an option. 

State-of-the-Art AI and Machine Learning


Nurjana’s system allows operators to autonomously command and control the detection and tracking of diverse targets by leveraging high-tech artificial intelligence and revolutionary machine learning.


The software is trained, validated, and tested in a realistic simulation environment to create ad-hoc, specific, high-quality datasets resulting in successful algorithms. 

This gives the drones onboard image processing, object detection and tracking, behavior analysis, and autonomous navigation capabilities. 


Through AI and machine learning, the system vastly expands operators’ and agencies’ capabilities in a variety of critical industries.


Features and Benefits:

Electromagnetic Field Management

Autonomous drone technology provides real-time electromagnetic field detection and transmission in even the hardest to access environments and unsafe areas for humans. The system can also be manually operated, providing maximum flexibility.