Optical Tracking Systems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning boost precision long-range video tracking.

NurjanaTech’s advancements in precision long-range object identification, tracking, and video recording are enhanced by our considerable investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our rugged, precise hardware and industry-leading command and control software work autonomously together for a variety of surveillance, protection, and safety-enhancing missions around the globe. By combining artificial intelligence and real-time data fusion, Nurjana Technologies has developed solutions that quickly detect, identify, track, and share information with operators in real-time to support the decision process.

Optical Tracking System Solutions

Electro-Optical Systems

The NurjanaTech electro-optical system delivers real-time long-range automated target identification, video tracking, and recording of terrestrial, airborne objects and objects orbiting Earth. READ MORE

AI Video Tracking

Nurjana Technologies fused video surveillance with artificial intelligence to provide an accurate and exceptionally reliable automated video tracking solution.


NurjanaTech & Trajectography

Trajectography is the science of studying trajectory. Through trajectography and trajectory propagation, Nurjana Technologies can measure the predictability of how an object moves through air and space and track that object even when it’s not visible. We calculate tracking measurements with extreme accuracy by using multi-sensor setups, real-time data fusion algorithms, and the optimal sensor positions and data analysis techniques required for each scenario.

Command and Control

Learn about NurjanaTech’s Mission Management Platform and the Multi-Sensor Central Control System integration that provides decision support for mission-critical operations.