Advanced systems engineering solutions.

At Nurjana Technologies, we put our decades of systems engineering and system development capabilities to work developing specialized high-tech solutions for today’s real-world tracking and situational awareness challenges. From the ground up with our baseline architecture to our targeted software modules, we integrate the latest sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with state-of-the-art hardware.

Our solutions detect, identify, and track objects on the ground and in the air. Our AI and machine learning go a step further with behavior analysis and the ability to predict intention to harm. Our systems have been used everywhere, from missile test sites to European Space Agency missions. How will we help you go further? Explore our solutions below.

NurjanaTech Capabilities

Command and Control

Specialized software for test and evaluation allows for precise command and control in a variety of scenarios utilizing a vast range of advanced sensor and trajectography equipment. READ MORE

Optical Tracking Systems

Our advancements in precision long-range object identification, tracking, and video recording technology, paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning, predict and capture READ MORE

Smart Drones

Revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning allow our technology to autonomously command and control a swarm of drones in a wide range of applications. READ MORE

Critical Infrastructure Protection

An industrial-grade platform and specific, customized services to address the unique needs of protecting the world's most complex and critical infrastructures. READ MORE

Industries We Support


Trajectography and high-tech identification and tracking of orbiting objects.


Revolutionary defense solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Security and Surveillance

Intelligent security solutions for awareness and maximum protection.