Area Security

Identify and track ground and airborne threats.

Area security and control of critical infrastructures require complete surveillance. Nurjana Technologies’ solutions go well beyond cameras, partnering new technology radar with legacy surveillance systems, edge AI drones, computer vision surveillance, and long-range electro-optical systems to provide complete, controlled coverage.

Artificial intelligence algorithms applied to video data enhance threat recognition, reduce false positives, and introduce automatic tracking where needed.​ In addition, Aerostat systems can be integrated to complete the solution.

Perimeter Protection

NurjanaTech cooperates with the world’s most established optics and security systems brands to enable military-bred technologies in civilian contexts. Our AI algorithms can detect and recognize people in real-time and raise warnings depending on the target subjects’ specific body postures or actions.


Swarms of drones complement the solution with target detection and optional tracking capabilities. These drones can be controlled through a simplified command and control suite, allowing operators to maintain a comprehensive overview of any situation. Depending on the obsolescence of the existing security systems, the solution may be adapted and integrated to work seamlessly as a unicum.

Command & Control​:

Features and Benefits:

Autonomously detect, identify, and track threats.

Nurjana Technologies’ artificial intelligence system software enables autonomous command and control of a swarm of drones to actively monitor infrastructure and alert any threatening behavior.

Onboard image processing allows the drones to detect, identify, and track people and vehicles. Behavior analysis enables the drone to quickly identify potentially threatening behavior, elevating it through operator alerts. Autonomous navigation capabilities allow operators to set patrolling protocols, manage formation flying and swarming, and maintain reactive control.

Machine Learning and AI

NurjanaTech’s AI algorithms and machine learning technology allow a swarm of drones to learn what targets and behaviors constitute a threat in a simulated environment. Equipped with advanced day, infrared, and multi-spectral sensors, drones are launched throughout the infrastructure perimeter, monitoring the area and seeking trained movements and human behaviors such as unauthorized vehicles or someone climbing a fence. Alerts are sent to operators in real-time, informing immediate response decisions.

Features and Benefits:


Wildfire Detection and Modeling

NurjanaTech’s wildfire detection and modeling solution fuses specialized sensor data with satellite and ground technology to deliver critical information necessary to identify, track, and predict environmental events such as wildfires. Artificial intelligence and real-time data together to help decision-makers immediately visualize the impacts of a wildfire emergency scenario and rapidly respond to save lives and property.