Infrastructure Monitoring

Autonomously detect, identify, and track threats.

Nurjana Technologies’ artificial intelligence system software enables autonomous command and control of a swarm of drones to actively monitor infrastructure and alert any threatening behavior.

Onboard image processing allows the drones to detect, identify, and track people and vehicles. Behavior analysis enables the drone to quickly identify potentially threatening behavior, elevating it through operator alerts. Autonomous navigation capabilities allow operators to set patrolling protocols, manage formation flying and swarming, and maintain reactive control.

Machine Learning and AI

NurjanaTech’s AI algorithms and machine learning technology allow a swarm of drones to learn what targets and behaviors constitute a threat in a simulated environment. Equipped with advanced day, infrared, and multi-spectral sensors, drones are launched throughout the infrastructure perimeter, monitoring the area and seeking trained movements and human behaviors such as unauthorized vehicles or someone climbing a fence. Alerts are sent to operators in real-time, informing immediate response decisions.

Features and Benefits:


Detection and Tracking

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning give a swarm of drones autonomous command and control for use in various critical industries, including search and rescue, border control and surveillance, infrastructure protection, and environmental control and monitoring.

Electromagnetic Field Management

Autonomous drone technology provides real-time electromagnetic field detection and transmission in even the hardest to access environments and unsafe areas for humans. The system can also be manually operated, providing maximum flexibility.