Nurjana Technologies is a business enterprise which provides Systems Engineering and System Development Capabilities for Real Time applications and Simulation, organized around our core business areas.

Our team consists of specialists with proven records of accomplishments and expertise, as well as deep knowledge of technologies. NT team members have extensive background and experience across the Italian Missile Test Ranges and European Space Agency Missions.

NT team members are highly experienced in supporting operations assessment and plan, test and evaluation planning, business process improvement and operations concept requirements analysis, as well as systems requirements analysis and design.

Latest press release

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Latest press release

We provide specialties in systems integration programs, bringing technologies and enhancing capabilities through a Customer Integrated Project Team approach.

The Company provides specialties in systems development and integration programs for Defense and Aerospace market, providing technologies and enhancing capabilities with Customer Integrated Project Team approach.

Experiences includes engineering, software and management assignments, serving in various Defense and Aerospace context in support of many important players.


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