Thinking Higher


In my town there are many talented people, but we are an Island. Big companies employs these people and after a few years they usually propose to transfer them to other locations. The result is that the employee either accepts the transfer or remains in the Island without any prospect of advancement or satisfaction.

So, for this reason  I decided to realize my dream of starting my own company on the Island. I try to use my experience, connections and my established network to offer the possibility for talented young local people to work in a job which is challenging and creative, keeping their roots at home.

We started with a team of 3 people, two young electronic engineers who had recently graduated with master degrees from the local university in Sardinia. But also with on the job training abroad and myself. Basically in four years we have grown to a team of almost 20.


One strategy in starting a business is to identify the market leader and adopt every possible method to becoming the leader yourself. For my small company there is no choice: we focused on one part of the market in which we must be the leader.


To maintain my vision we have adopted a management style of “smile power”, our people management style is to find the talent of people who are happy in their work and are therefore motivated to stay, Thinking higher.

Does this work?  The acid test is that at the end of the day I have to tell them to go home!


Pietro Andronico

Chief Executive Officer


Meet the Team

Pietro Andronico | Nurjanatech

Pietro Andronico

Chief Executive Officer

Maurizio Cao | Nurjanatech

Maurizio Cao

Chief Technical Officer

Michela Musa | Nurjanatech

Michela Musa

Chief Program Officer

Alessandro Andronico | Nurjanatech

Alessandro Andronico

Operations Manager

Davide Piras | Nurjanatech

Davide Piras

Systems Engineer

Alessandro Urru  | Nurjanatech

Alessandro Urru

R&D Engineer

Mattia Ibba  | Nurjanatech

Mattia Ibba

Software Engineer

Andrea Frau  | Nurjanatech

Andrea Frau

Software Engineer - R&D Engineer

Grazia Fadda  | Nurjanatech

Grazia Fadda

Quality Control

and Processes Optimization

Daniele Sirigu  | Nurjanatech

Daniele Sirigu

Software Engineer

Alessandro Masala  | Nurjanatech

Alessandro Masala

Systems Engineer

Alessandro Palmas  | Nurjanatech

Alessandro Palmas

Aerospace Engineering

R&D Specialist

Enrico Congiu  | Nurjanatech

Enrico Congiu

Aerospace R&D Engineer

Raffaele Bua | Nurjanatech

Raffaele Bua

Software Engineer

Luca Demurtas | Nurjanatech

Luca Demurtas

Systems Engineer

Andrea Caoli | Nurjanatech

Andrea Caoli

R&D Engineer

Michele Spanu | Nurjanatech

Michele Spanu

R&D Engineer

Alessio Piras | Nurjanatech

Alessio Piras

Software Engineer


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