Space Domain Awareness

Comprehensive solutions for space situational awareness.

Nurjana Technologies has developed solutions to detect and predict the movement of objects in orbit around Earth, critical for space situational awareness (SSA). Utilizing multi-sensor data fusion, the information generated from these autonomous solutions actively protects space-based infrastructures – earth observation satellites, navigation satellites, manned vehicles, and space stations – from colliding with the ever-increasing cloud of man-made space debris. Sensors include optical systems operating in visual and infrared spectrums and radar systems working on different frequencies.

Nurjana Technologies solutions offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities:

  • Mission scenario simulation to project trajectory, orbit, and speed
  • Calculate visibility windows for orbiting objects
  • Conjunction analysis
  • Autonomous optical sensor star calibration
  • Autonomous optical and radar sensor scheduling, pointing, and measurement acquisition
  • Accurate orbit determination from radar/optical sensor measurements
  • High precision orbital propagation
  • Launch window calculation
  • Optical observations processing

Space Domain Awareness Solutions

Collision Avoidance

The collision avoidance module allows for prediction and minimizing collisions between orbiting spacecraft and other objects. The collision probability prediction identifies potential threats, allowing for the execution of early avoidance maneuvering procedures to avoid danger.algorithms and machine learning techniques can be easily adapted to diverse use cases. When paired with NurjanaTech’s command and control solution, multi-drone concurrent operations are possible.

Tumbling Rate Determination

The first step toward collecting space debris or other orbiting objects is determining the orbit, attitude, and tumble or spin rate. This information is used to plan a mission to capture, move, or reposition it. The 24-hour geostationary orbit, which allows for continuous coverage over one ground location, is a very desirable orbit leading to a high density of satellites in the same area.

Removing non-operational satellites and other debris from this orbit can prevent damage and disruption, saving considerable cost.

Lost Satellite Rescue

By utilizing sensors around the globe, this module assists with finding lost satellites. This is achieved by using the satellite’s last known location, then applying precise predictive algorithms to identify the lost satellite’s location. Radar and optical sensors support this effort by pointing at a specific position determined by the predictive software to find and re-track the lost satellite.

Satellite Maneuver Detection

Satellites frequently maneuver, requiring accurate detection and tracking. NurjanaTech software allows operators to quickly detect and track unknown maneuvers for target satellites, a crucial aspect of space situational awareness.

Space Debris Catalogue

Utilizing a proprietary radar and optical sensor network, NurjanaTech is developing a catalog of orbiting objects, including satellites and space debris. This comprehensive catalog supports satellite operators and space missions alike, helping controllers accurately plan around and avoid orbiting space objects.

Open Data

NurjanaTech’s mission is to share space knowledge in a revolutionary way – the results of our research is available to the entire industry. Understanding the value and contributions of our international education institutions, all of our data is also readily available to universities and schools to promote space culture.

Situational Awareness Solutions

NurjanaTech offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to address your space situational awareness challenges.