Nurjana Technologies


The Company provides specialties in systems development and integration programs for Defense and Aerospace market, providing technologies and enhancing capabilities with Customer Integrated Project Team approach.

Experiences includes engineering, software and management assignments, serving in various Defense and Aerospace context in support of many important players.

Mission Management Platform (MMP)

The Mission Management Platform is a software suite that can be installed in a modular MSCCS configuration, without limitations regarding the number of control working position (CWP).


Multi Sensor Central Control System (MSCCS)

The Multi Sensor Central Control System is an integrated and modular system architecture designed to provide a complete facility for a wide spectrum of testing and evaluation activities.

Nurjana Electro Optical System (NEOS)

The Nurjana Electro Optical System is a complete HW and SW system for real-time optical tracking in the field of high precision measurements.

Nurjana Suite for Space Surveillance and Tracking (NT-SST)

The Nurjana Suite for Space Surveillance and Tracking is a software suite for orbit determination, accurate propagation and conjunction analysis based on multi sensor data fusion algorithms of radar and optical observations.

Nurjana Artificial Intelligence System (NAIS)

NAIS is a command and control system for Autonomous Detection and Tracking of Swarm of Drones.


NEWMOS Nurjana Earth and Wildfire Monitoring Observation and Simulation

The wildfires are one of the most dangerous threats of our times, which constantly harm our environment. Nurjana Technologies designed a new solution called NEWMOS. This project allows to timely detect the wildfires hotspots through satellite images.


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