• Editorial staff

Solar System exploration plan 2018

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

With the beginning of this New Year also the aerospace world has new purposes, so let’s have a look to the Solar System exploration plan of 2018!

Hereafter we show you the main points:

  • During this year it is predicted the expedition of 18 astronauts to ISS;

  • In March “Chandrayaan -2” probe is going to move on Moon bringing a lander and rover;

  • “Hayabusa 2” probe (launched in 2014) is in transit to Ryugu asteroid and it will arrive in July;

  • “OSIRIS-Rex” probe (launched in 2016) is in transit to Bennu asteroid and it will arrive in August;

  • In October the “Bepi Colombo” (a combined mission of European and Japanese spatial agencies) will leave to Mercury bringing 2 probe;

  • From November NASA will launch “InSight” (“geologist” lander ) which it will realize some perforations to study Mars inner;

  • The last day of December is planned the encounter of New Horizons (NASA) with MU69, a little object placed beyond Pluto, in the Kuiper belt;

  • NASA keeps to have a specialised probe, “Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter”, always in action on Moon;

  • During the year the NASA “Parker Solar Probe” will reach 6.000.000 Km from Sun, actually nearer than any other previous mission could have;

  • Akatsuki continues to gravitate around Venus.

Well, it seems to be a great year, isn’t it?

(Written by Carlotta Bellisai)