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Renovation of DGA EV BIGARE Flight Test

Renovation of DGA EV BIGARE Flight Test Electromagnetic Signal Transmitter and Receiver Station Positioners.

Renovation of DGA EV BIGARE Flight Test

DGA Essais en Vol performs flight tests involving all civil and military government owned aircraft, their systems and armaments.

The Cazaux site is specialized on testing airborne armaments, safety-saving equipment and airborne systems, particularly in the electromagnetic field for which the test base has ground-based electronic warfare resources, such as than the BIGARE station.

The BIGARE station is a test station for the transmission and reception of complex electromagnetic signals in the range of radar or radiocommunications transmitters. This configurable, versatile and scalable station is used for the assessment of airborne radar and jamming detectors, airborne electromagnetic jammers as well as airborne or satellite-based ROEM (ElectroMagnetic Source Information) systems.

The essential function of the system is the tracking. As part of the station upgrade we are in charge for the revamping of the optical system used for videotracking verification. The supply includes:

  •  Design and supply the optical system

  •  Design and supply data and video transmission networks

  •  Customize the human machine interface

  •  Adapting our command and control and optical tracking software (MMP) to the specific needs of the operating context.

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