• Editorial staff

Nurjana Technologies awarded by DGA EV – French MOD for the upgrade of the “BIGARE” platform

Nurjana Technologies, as co-contractor of the French Company ACC I&M, has been awarded by the DGA-EV – French Minister of Defence – for the engineering study and delivery of several technical upgrades to the Electromagnetic Platforms named “BIGARE”, used for the Radar Simulation during the flight tests in Cazaux Air Base.

This program is set with a delivery and maintenance plan from 2017 – 2023.

The upgrades include the modernisation of the electro-mechanical part in charge of ACC I&M and the Hardware and Software upgrade in charge of Nurjana, designed to meet the specific operational requirements of the automatic antennas control, automatic target and satellite tracking and command and control at system level.

Nurjana will also design and integrate high-performance Optical and Video Tracking Systems.

It is with great pleasure for Nurjana to announce the value of this partnership, which allowed to win the French international tender against the best european competitors.

Pietro Andronico, CEO of Nurjana, said, “Our Engineering Team worked in an extremely tight collaboration with our partner during the negotiation phase to demonstrate to the customer the value of our solution and we are ready to deliver and install these four systems within a two years time frame that was compressed even further because of an urgent operational trial. We demonstrated to DGA that through Nurjana’s engineering approach and understanding of system requirements, we are able to respond quickly to Customer needs to ensure the best solution is delivered in a timely manner and supporting the Customer for as long period as required”.

Nurjana Technologies’ key success factors have been its know how in systems engineering, sensor and data fusion for tracking systems and real time command and control systems.

Once again, the value and the innovative nature of the solution proposed by Nurjana Technologies have been recognized in the international context of aerospace industry. This is the result of the continuous investments in research and development for the systems improvements and skills enhancement of engineers’ know-how and all the people working in the offices and laboratories of Nurjana in Sardinia, where the company was born in 2012 and continues to grow up.