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A successful note for Nurjana

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

ITEA and ITEC conferences concludes on A successful note for Nurjana

This month Nurjana took part in two important events in order to present some engineering results on two interesting topics.

On Stuttgard, during the ITEC the international forum for the Military Simulation, Training & Education Community, we presented conference on a simulation tool to calculate trajectories for test missions. The Ballistic Predictor, a very flexible tool able to accommodate a very general, user-defined dynamic model, and to use it for ballistic simulations. Our tool is designed to be used in different applications such as Pre-Mission Analysis and Real-Time support.

We are also in Las Vegas, at the ITEA Test & Training Instrumentation Workshop, where we presented the NT data fusion algorithm to improve test range sensor precision. Our algorithm combines data from multiple sensors to enhance the tracking quality. Both conferences involved interactive and insightful sessions by international experts.

To meet our engineers and learn more, follow our website and do not hesitate to contact us: corporate@nurjanatech.com

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