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Engineering Support for UAV Flight Test activities

Engineering support for UAV Flight Test activities.

Engineering support for UAV Flight Test activities.

Nurjana Technologies provided technical support for the installation and calibration of the TCS telemetry system in Trapani Birgi (Italy) airport and for the IADS Ground Station management and configuration in order to acquire and display Real Time parameters.

During the UAV Flight Test campaigns we provided engineering support on IADS telemetry display system administration and on configuring and managing the Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) equipment as ACRA-KAM onboard system and telemetry PCM transmitter.

We provide support for:

  • Fitting IADS System configurations and building client displays

  • Operating TCS antenna and IADS system during test flights

  • Configuring ACRA-KAM airborne acquisition system

  • Calibrating aircraft transducers, sensors and actuators

  • Writing Ground Station Operator Manual

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