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Design of Command and Control Centers for Test Ranges

Design of Command and Control Center for Test Ranges.

Design of Command and Control Center for Test Ranges.

We provide System Engineering support on design Command and Control Systems for Test Ranges in terms of Operational Concepts, Architectural Design and Program Management. Our team consists of specialists with a proven record of accomplishments and expertise as well as deep knowledge of technologies. Futher, NT team members have an extensive background and experience across Italian Missile Test Range and European Space Agency Missions.

Indeed, we provide the following services:

  • Test Range Program and Contract Management

  • Requirement analysis process in order to define the system concepts, requirements and functions

  • Requirements definition at system level for verification and acceptance activities

  • Systems and Software Engineering compliant with ISO 29148-2011, ISO 16085-2006, ISO 26702-2007 and Model Based System Engineering

  • Operational Documentation compliant with military standards (e.g. MIL-STD-498)

  • Design & Development of Test Range Mission Management

  • Engineering and technical support for systems development and implementing

  • Test Range Systems and Sensors Integration

  • Systems for Test Range Command and Control, Simulation and Integration

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