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Another goal achieved!

“Aerospace’s gonna grow Sardinia” said Raffaele Paci, Vice President and Minister for Finance & Development of the Regional Government of Sardinia.

Pietro Andronico and Raffaele Paci
Pietro Andronico and Raffaele Paci

Yes, because we are pleased to announce that we just received confirmation that the Region of Sardinia will fund two our research and development projects about Aerospace Sector: S2IGI and API.

These were selected from a wide range of valuable project proposals submitted by Companies and Sardinian Research Institutes, getting in so enviable lines in the final ranking drawn up by national experts in the aerospace sector: 1st the S2IGI and 5th the API one.

The objective of the S2IGI Project, deriving from the analysis of the severity of forest fires risk and the evaluation of the opportunities offered by the new environmental monitoring technologies, is a contribute to the reduction of damages caused by forest fires to the environment and economic activities through the development of a software system that, by integrating innovative data processing techniques provided by new satellite technologies for environmental monitoring, allows the planning of strategic prevention interventions, tactical management of the event and post-fire recovery. Our partners are CNR-IBIMET and Aerospace Engineering School of theSapienza University of Rome (SIA).

API, planned by Nurjana Technologies together withUniCA– DIEE, is about artificial intelligence for the management of a swarm of equipped unmanned aircrafts for environmental monitoring.

And it’s not all, because there is another research and development project approved and funded in October 2017 about “Multi Sensor Data Fusion for Space Debris” where Nurjana researchers are working with theUniCA-DIEE to study and develop an innovative platform to find and track the debris using integrated optical and radar sensors network. This regional notice aims at bringing innovation to the Sardinian companies through the support of research and development programmes.

We are so proud about this achievement because it’s a reward to our daily efforts to leave the mark and we are determined to further step up our R&D efforts.