Discover the NAIS in our technical report.

NAIS is a command and control system for Autonomous Detection and Tracking of Swarm of Drones:

– On-board image processing

  • Object detection and tracking

  • Context semantic segmentation

  • Behavioral analysis


– Autonomous navigation

  • Patrolling protocols

  • Reactive control

  • Formation flying and Swarming

  • Competitive-Collaborative dynamics and training


NAIS could also be used as a Realistic Simulation Environment for AI & Machine Learning Training:

  • Computer vision (Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Nets)

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Generative models (GANs)


The system can manage different kind of missions:

– Security

  • Border Control & Surveillance

  • Intrusion identification

  • Restricted access area monitoring

  • Applicable in every type of environment (Urban, Rural, Sea, etc.)

– Civil protection

  • Missing people Search and Rescue

  • Environmental control (Fire detection systems, flood monitoring, etc.)


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