Automatic Scoring Evaluation System


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The Automatic Scoring Evaluation System (ASES) is a complete, modular and also rangeless MSCCS/MMP solution for trajectory determination and scoring evaluation.

ASES consist of a minimum of 2 Optical System equipped with Automatic Splash Detection video elaboration. Each Optical System consists of a precision azimuth only rotary table with one or more high definition color camera(s) and fixed or variable focal length (zoom) lens. The goal of the real time ballistic prediction is to have the cameras designed on the impact zone to look at the predicted impact area as possible to maximize the probability of capturing the round impact with a narrow field of view and high resolution.

Based on small mobile Optical/IR automatic tracking systems its features are:

  • 3D Trajectory Stereometrical computing
  • Real-Time Miss Distance (based on a proprietary algorithm)
  • Centralized Ballistic Predictor (based on STANAG 4355 Ed. 3)
  • EOS Deployment Optimization, based on a proprietary algorithm, which minimizes the tracking error for given trajectories

The ASES system architecture is composed of the following units:

  • Two or more Optical Systems including Cameras and Pan/Tilt
  • Real Time Central Processing Station
  • Post Processing Station for accurate data evaluation.

High definition monocromatic camera(s)

  • Fixed or variable focal length (zoom) lens
  • Frame rate dependent from resolution
  • GbE camera(s)
  • Remote control camera(s) configuration (zoom, focus, iris)


  • High Precision azimuth rotary table (if needed also an elevation rotary table)
  • Provided with a vibration and oscillation stabilizer for land and naval applications
  • Ethernet controlled

As well as the AMAS and ABTS, the software for the ASES system is part of the Nurjana Technologies Mission Management Platform, NT-MMP, suite.