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The MSCCS Multi Sensors Central Control System is a modular system architecture based on the Nurjana software suite – Mission Management Platform (MMP) – designed to provide a complete facility for a wide spectrum of testing and evaluation activities. The system is actually working in various Test Ranges with different purposes: as automatic mission abort system (AMAS), as automatic ballistic tracking system (ABTS) as well as automatic scoring and evaluation system (ASES).

MSCCS works as a range command and control system able to manage and fuse different types of sensors:

  • Optical Sensors
  • Radars
  • Multi Sensor Platforms
  • Telemetry

The MSCCS modular hardware components correspond to the MMP software modules integrated on the system. The system components implementation includes standard or roto-molded racks in order to deploy fixed or mobile MSCCS versions.

At last, Nurjana Technologies provides highly qualified engineers on supporting the design and the implementation of the best MSCCS/MMP/NEOS system configuration including the program managements.