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The Mission Management Platform (MMP) developed by Nurjana Technologies is a software suite normally implemented in a modular MSCCS system development. Most noteworthy feature is that the software installation has not limitations on the number of control working position (CWP).

Structurally, the Mission Management Platform is the scalable ensemble of the NT standard modules (libraries as well as building blocks) each one defined according to its task or feature. The modules ensemble (ergo the MMP functionalities) can be parsed in two main categories:

Mission Setup and Analysis Applications

  • Scenario Definition and Pre-Mission Control Module
  • Sensor Performance Analysis and Best Deployment Module
  • Ballistic Simulation Module
  • Post-Test Data Processing Module
  • Test and Training Scenario Generator Module

Mission Control Applications

  • Range Sensor Integration Module
  • Sensors Remote Control and Calibration Module
  • Multi Sensor Data Fusion Module
  • Scenario Assessment and Track Management Module
  • Range Safety Planning and Decision Support System Module

Actually, the MMP is running efficiently belong the MSCCS in various Test Ranges, managing the automatic mission abort system (AMAS) and automatic ballistic tracking system (ABTS) likewise the automatic scoring and evaluation system (ASES), demonstrating as well its deep versatility. Furthermore, our high skilled software and systems engineers provides on site training sessions and also the support on installing, configuring and managing the software.
In addition, they assists and thus provides the development of new functionalities according to the site peculiarities, the customer requirements or any operational need.