Mission Abort System

Massively successful “NT- MSCCS for the Mission Abort System” demonstration in WTD91 Meppen

Most European shooting ranges are too narrow and too short to provide the currently necessary Surface Danger Area (SDA) for shooting tests with Guided Munition (GM). To reduce the extension of the required SDA and to allow for the performance of GM shooting tests on European shooting ranges, a generic Mission Abort System (MAS) has been developed by Diehl BGT Defence (DBD) and Leonardo – Finmeccanica (FIN) on behalf of the European Defence Agency:  Nurjana Technologies  contributed to the project providing the real time command and control system of the MAS Ground Station (MAS-GS).

MAS consists of an on-board Mission Abort Reaction System (MAS-RS) and a Ground Station (MAS-GS) which are communicating over a high-frequency (HF) Data Link (MASDL). MAS-GS monitors the flight path of a fired projectile and, as long as the projectile moves within a pre-defined Permitted Flight Corridor (PFC), transmits a MISSION-OK Sequence. If the projectile leaves the PFC, MAS-GS stops the transmission and MAS-RS consequently initiates the mission abort phase, breaking the projectile into two parts, which drop within the SDA. An operational demonstration was held in WTD91 Meppen during Design Verification Firings.

In this frame Nurjana Technologies designed and developed the Multi Sensor Central Control Station MSCCS-MMP-MAS able to real time controlling and monitoring the trajectory of a Guided Munition using and processing the data received from tracking radar sensors.